Optical Tours and Travels is a tour and Travel company registered in Uganda with offices in Kisoro and Kampala offering unmatched travel and tour services with great holiday and fulfilling experiences and services in Uganda and neighboring East African countries. We are client focused and professional especially when identifying tour destinations that suit your desire, dreams and finances.

We are very creative in planning tours, according hospitality at the highest of points through our advisors, guides and consultants. In doing this, we never forget that your satisfaction must be given the highest priority. Therefore, we modify our safari packages, group and private tours on both mid-range and luxury. Here at Optical Tours and Travel, getting more quality of service than you expected is our priority.

Whether it’s a short gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda or a lengthy combo vacation covering more than two exotic destinations, our team of consultants will surely craft for you something that will quench your adventure thirst. Our family of passionate travel organizers can assist you from the start to the end of your safari trip.

Given the dynamic nature of tourism, we research and stay ahead of technology and make necessary changes to our approach regarding the ever changing needs and requirements of our clientele. We craft our packages to make them the best available at the time and make them exceptionally exciting.

The “Optical Experience”.

Given the team of expert managers, with a combined experience of 15+ years in the tourism industry, it’s no surprise that the company operates on the basis of excellence and “nothing but excellence”.

With our diverse approach to handling the tourism trade, extraordinary holiday experience is all we deliver in all areas related to travel and tourism.

The “Optical Knowledge”

Optical tours and Travel has been built on the foundation that Africa is made of rich diversity and extra ordinary experiences. As a destination that is rich and diverse, our personnel have got to be as knowledgeable and dynamic as possible. We understand every corner and nook of the region; let’s take you to an off-the-beaten-path road trip in the highlands of Virunga or to the hidden oases of northern Uganda and anything that you are curious about.

We understand the numerous cultures and people that make up East Africa, and so we are ready to take you and bring you closer to the natives and mingle into their vibrant traditions and performances.

Simply put, Optical Tours and Travel is a conglomerate of expert “safari makers” with unending appetite to expose travelers to less traveled parts of East Africa!

Why Us?

Our service has provided a benchmark for those looking to experience the true freedom of travel while having the security of constant, but discreet assistance from knowledgeable and experienced staff when required.

Through the hardwork and enthusiasm of our team, we are proud to have the trust of an ever-growing, exclusive and highly demanding customer base to deliver the exceptional travel solutions that meet those expectations.

Core Values

Quality Service We focus every effort to meeting or exceeding our esteem clients’ expectations.

Dedicated Our high-quality service comes from our years of dedicated industry service and passion we feel for it.

Responsive We are aware you need to hear from someone and you can be sure that we shall be right at your service.

Professionalism We don’t just serve you! We observe best practice in every effort meant to serve you.

Flexible Customize your trip with the help of our travel specialist to your desired experience.

Uganda at a Glance

The capital city of Uganda is Kampala, with a population of over 40 million people. English and Swahili are the official languages used, while the Ugandan shilling is the currency used. The time zone is GMT +3, and the electricity type is 240 volts. The dialing code for Uganda is +256.

Best Time to Visit Uganda

The best time to visit Uganda is during the dry season, which runs from June to August and December to February. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and wildlife is easy to spot as they gather around water sources. However, Uganda’s climate is relatively stable throughout the year, and safaris can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Things to Try in Uganda

  1. Go on a safari: Uganda is home to a variety of wildlife, including gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, elephants, and more. You can go on a safari in one of the national parks, such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  2. Visit the source of the Nile: The Nile River is the longest river in the world, and its source is in Uganda. You can visit Jinja, a town located at the source of the Nile, and take a boat ride or go white-water rafting.
  3. Explore Kampala: Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, is a bustling metropolis with a rich history and culture. You can visit landmarks such as the Kasubi Tombs or the Uganda Museum, or check out the local markets and nightlife.
  4. Try local cuisine: Ugandan cuisine features a variety of dishes made with staples such as plantains, beans, and sweet potatoes. Some popular dishes to try include matooke (steamed plantains), ugali (maize flour porridge), and rolex (a type of rolled-up omelette).
  5. Attend a cultural festival: Uganda is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups, each with its own traditions and festivals. You can attend events such as the Kampala City Festival or the Nyege Nyege Festival to experience local music, dance, and food.

These are just a few suggestions – Uganda has much more to offer, so don’t be afraid to explore and discover new things!

Top Animals of Uganda

Uganda is renowned for its incredible wildlife, with a variety of species to discover on your safari trip. These include mountain gorillas, African elephants, lions, hippos, and zebras. Our experienced guides will take you to the best locations to spot these amazing animals in their natural habitats.


Our Travel Consultants are all fully trained in providing the following services;

Safaris and Tours

Optical Tours offers not only luxury experiences to the epic East African destinations, but also budget trips to uncommon, emerging places like D.R. Congo, Rwanda and Uganda.

Our safaris range from gorilla trekking tours in the Virunga region to the unknown cultures of Karamojong and wildlife tours in Murchison falls, Akagera and Lake Mburo national parks.

We are just one email or phone call away and all your travel needs and services will be taken care of. Most importantly, our safari vacations suit every traveler’s budget and interests.

Flight Reservations

As a travel and tour agency, we offer cost effective flight reservations to and from Uganda and/or East Africa.

Optical Tours and Travel has evolved overtime as a dynamic company that meets the changing demands and needs of our clientele, regardless of the ever changing technology. We are truly a reputable travel and air ticketing agency in Africa and beyond.

We are uniquely situated in the heart of Africa to offer diversified international travel options for both online and walk – in travelers.

Accommodation booking and incentive programs

We organize reliable corporate and budget accommodation options, ranging from chalets, lake/sea facing resorts, chalets as well as the tucked away safari lodges in the wilderness.

We don’t compromise on quality, comfort and impeccable services, and for that reason, we choose only the best proven luxury and standard accommodation options.

Whether you camp at an eco-friendly lodge, ride a dugout canoe, swim at the pool or laid back on a deck chair by the beach.

Car Hire and Rental services

Optical Tours and Travels has car hire and chauffer services for its customers. These services are provided for the geographical areas of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

The experts of car hire and rental services at Optical Tours first study the needs of the client and decide which specific type of vehicle to provide.

Our fleet contain, but not limited to luxury 4X4 land cruisers perfect for off-road and cross – country safaris, deluxe buses / coasters, 4WD Vans, salon cars, SUVs, Super customs. Limos and so much more.


Physical Address:

  • Kisoro, Uganda
  • Kampala, Uganda

Phone / Email Contacts:

Phone: +256703960860 / +256785425195

Email: opticaltoursandtravels@gmail.com

All of us at Optical Tours and Travel warmly welcome you to exceptional African Adventures that are soul – soothing and enriching.

Our team of friendly and experienced safari guides will see to it that your African safari is a lifetime experience and it is as fulfilling as your expectations.